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Interior Examples

Interior Examples

Merkur Air’s experienced consultants work with manufacturers on the interior build of today’s private aircraft and business jets. The Merkur Air operations team offers advice and guidance to help make the right aircraft choices, inside and out.

Many charter aircraft are fitted to the manufacturer’s custom interior, which is designed with maximum comfort and safety in mind. However, there is a growing trend for aircraft owners to add their own personal touch to their investment. This includes the installation of specific equipment for particular operational requirements. Sometimes, an aircraft interior refurbishing project is done to update the interior and match the owner’s style. We assist our clients in defining the style and theme of the design, in order to obtain a unique aircraft that suits their personal taste. There are various artistic design options by matching materials, colors, and furniture styles to give an aircraft cabin a wonderful sense of luxury and style.

When refurbishing an aircraft interior, the interior textiles, including seat covers and carpet, are replaced the most often. The replacement of interior textiles usually occurs within a five- to a six-year timeframe.

The latest developments to aircraft interior design include enhancements that add to both the form and function of the private aircraft. Think high-tech coffee and espresso machines, state-of-the-art kitchens, touch screen lighting, audio systems, and cinema systems. Other private aircraft interiors are designed with the perfect space in mind for office and meeting spaces, beautiful aquariums, grand pianos, and hot tubs. The right communications systems are a big part of the thought process when designing an aircraft interior as well.

A growing set of aircraft owners are readily investing to take their new private jet interior projects to another level. In fact, millions of dollars can go into designing or redesigning private jet interiors including handmade carpets, “penthouse in the sky” designs and high-gloss veneers.

No matter what type of design, interior renovation or refurbishment project an aircraft owner has in mind, the plane’s interior customization is limited by weight. There have been recent innovations such as unbreakable and super-lightweight glass to reduce the total payload of the aircraft. Finally, the refurbishment of an aircraft interior will pass through a completion center check. Completion centers run through a certified and rigorous engineering process to make sure all safety measures are met.