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Beechcraft Hawker 800XP

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Midsize HAWKER 800XP

The Hawker 800XP is a well-known business jet that is ideal for mid-range destinations. Provides you with a luxury flight experience in a spacious cabin that fits up to 8 passengers and has an unique AFT Closet. With a maximum cruise speed of 448 knots and a range of 2,572 nm you will reach your destination in a comfortable and economical way. The aircraft is equipped with WiFi.

Optimized Design

The Hawker 800XP offers improved payload capabilities, enhanced performance and updated systems.

20 years of the Runway Legend

The Beechcraft Hawker 800XP (H25B) is a stalwart in private and business aviation.

Cutting edge materials

Smart materials used in the airframe contribute to durability even in the harshest of environments.

Hawker 800XP in detail


High speed

Featuring two Honeywell engines and swept wing, Hawker 800XP is classified as a highspeed business jet. In compare to other business jet variants, we can cover a long distance trip in a short time with full safety confidence. Our Hawker 800XP covers 2540 nm with maximum speed at M0.87


Comfort & Luxury
Comfortably seating eight passengers, its interior cabin space is the largest in its class with sound surround entertainment system and mini galley. Common cabin layouts include a four-person club section, a three-person size couch, and a front-facing seat, a fail safe window design and a spacious baggage compartment. Charter our Hawker 800XP and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious flight to your destination.


Attention to details

Our Hawker 800XP features latest and updated systems of Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, Honeywell SPZ-8000 flight information system, terminal collision avoidance system (TCAS II), ground proximity warning system (GPWS), GPS, High-Frequency communications, and dual auto-pilot system. All these to provide ease of access for our pilots, giving you enjoy a smooth flight.

Aircraft Range

Hawker 800XP, the most versatile aircraft

Ideally suited for both short and long-distance charter flights, the Beechcraft Hawker 125-800XP has received subtle upgrades over the years to improve overall flight quality and performance capabilities.

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Hawker 800XP Specifications


Maximum ramp weight: 28,120 lb (12,755 kg)
Maximum takeoff weight: 28,000 lb (12,701 kg)
Maximum landing weight: 23,350 lb (10,591 kg)
Maximum zero fuel weight: 18,450 lb (8,369 kg)
Standard basic operating weight: 16,245 lb (7,369 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 27,400 lb (12,428 kg)

General Information

Length: 51 ft 2 in (15.60 m)
Wingspan: 51 ft 4.5 in (15.659 m)
Height: 17 ft 7 in (5.36 m)
Wing area: 374 sq ft (34.7 m2)
Max cruise speed: M0.87
Take-off balanced field length: 5,620 ft (1,713 m) at MTOW
Landing distance from 50 ft (15 m): 4,500 ft (1,372 m)

Typical seat capacity

Crew: 2 + jump seat
Capacity: 8 / 2,000 lb (907 kg) maximum payload