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Aircraft Sales

Merkur Air is a leading aviation services company based in Greece. We are committed to providing the highest level of service for every client with safety and efficiency. We have 30 years of experience building strong industry relationships and serving our clients for private aircraft charter, aircraft management, emergency medical services, and tourism services. What sets us apart is our broad reach across many private aviation sectors. With our deep knowledge of the industry and a breadth of professional contacts, we can offer the most competitive rates and services in the market.

We also have a passion for flying. Our goal is to offer seamless journeys, with no time wasted. We place our decades of expertise, bespoke attention, and our hospitality at the service of every client.

We act exclusively for the buyer or seller in a transaction, never both. We are driven by personal service and individual requirements. Our aim is to match client specifications to an aircraft. We are proud of having a “global eye for a good buy.”

Due to the fact that we specialize in pre-owned aircraft, there are no limitations of type, size, or make. Working with Merkur AIr means there are no franchise boundaries.

We operate 24/7 and have an excellent track record of responding to every inquiry and need quickly and efficiently.

Our terms are agreed with you in advance. No payment is sought until the purchase or sale is completed to your satisfaction.

We have a wide network of contacts that help us match our client requirements with aircraft around the globe. Using our database and your criteria, we make a shortlist of candidate aircraft and submit them with a recommendation.