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Hassle-free aircraft ownership

Merkur Air is fully aware of every detail of the administration and management of a personal aircraft. Our huge database of industry contacts and valuable knowledge over the years permits us to offer our customers the optimal value when it comes to managing a private jet.

Our goal is to obtain trusted and long-term business relationships with you and to offer you the best quality services. Merkur Air will take care of the details. So all you need to do is to enjoy your’s aircraft ownership!

The cost of aircraft ownership

Do you have questions about the full use of your aircraft? Or you need information about the cost of ownership? – Merkur Air Team can offer solutions.

As an example, we can offer fractional ownership and chartering so that your aircraft will bring you revenue when it’s idle or in case you don’t really need it. The actual cost of ownership can become significantly lower than expected with some smart solutions that we have to offer.

The maintenance of your aircraft.

Our expert team has been dedicated to the business of flying for decades. Our staff can ensure the best maintenance for your aircraft. We offer the most economical and practical hangar services. Our clients trust us to help them evaluate the appropriate flight crew including their training, performance, and professionalism. Besides planning your flight we can go above and beyond by preparing every detail of your trip – anywhere across the globe. ABI is dedicated to providing clients safe comfortable flights and exceptional ground service.

Enjoy the ownership of your aircraft

Partnering with Merkur Air, means you are making the best out of your private aviation experience. Allow us to work for you to sort out disorienting details that are associated with aircraft ownership and flight planning. That way you can focus on your business or your vacation with peace of mind.